Responses to Locations in Transition_FIRST WEEKENDS

Sparked by the invitation to install site-responsIve work in an empty penthouse office suite made from ten shipping containers, for Open House Weekend in 2009, Fitzrovia Noir began a collaboration with Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust that lasts until this day. We based ourselves in Boiler House 1954 from 2011-18, working closely with project manager John Burton, to invite artists to create semi-permanent works, as massive redevelopment began locally.

As we were ‘off the map’ of the established First Thursdays trail, Whitechapel Gallery refused to include us on their monthly late openings incentive, although they have since relented to include our nearby Aberfeldy Street activities. So, we created First Weekends, to bring more visitors to Trinity Buoy Wharf, while engaging with local residents, schools and partnering with international group Now Is Forever, City and Guilds College, and the universities of Surrey and Sunderland. Works used reclaimed materials, whether plastic shopping bags woven on a loom by Soukaïna Aziz El Idrissi, Lego-sloganed assemblages by Jaye Moon, biodeiversal specimens collected from the Thames by Dr. Simon Park or Rashad Salim up cycling oil-derived supermarket baguette packaging into a coracle maquette, exploring the geopolitical draining of Iraq’s marshlands. 

Project Title
FIRST WEEKENDS from the series Responses to Locations in Transition

East India Dock, Orchard Place and Trinity Buoy Wharf, London E14

Project Lead
Garry Hunter for Fitzrovia Noir

Sheridan Orr
Suzanne Harb

Alex Allmont (UK)
Ben Wilson AKA Chewing Gum Man (UK)
Bo Thorning & Ida Raselli (Denmark)
Bruce Mahalski (New Zealand)
Claire H-v (France)
David Snoo Wilson (UK)
Doralba Picerno (Italy)
Fenris Oswin (UK)
Garry Hunter (UK)
Graham Carrick (UK)
IceCreamVanMan (UK)
Jaye Moon (USA)
Manuel Sanmartin (Venezuela)
Paul DON Smith (UK)
Rashad Salim (Iraq)
Dr Simon Park (UK)
Soukaïna Aziz El Idrissi (Morocco)
VanDali (UK)

Assemblage, bacteria, cardboard, chewing gum, bronze, electronics, found objects, glass, Lego, painting, photography, projection, print, plastic resin, plastic waste, sound/sonic

January 2012 – September 2017

“ Our professional relationship continues as Garry is involved in various projects supported by us over the years as we have a lot of confidence in his ability to deliver really interesting projects. Using art and culture as a galvanising medium Garry has worked really well within our local community.”

John Burton, Site Project Manager, Urban Space Management, London E14

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