Being huge comic and movie fans for longer than they care to remember, Fitzrovia Noir founders Graham Carrick and Lucieta Williams, brought together artists working within London’s contemporary art scene to offer up their interpretations of beloved Superheroes and Villains. The accompanying discharge from this smoking gun portrayed artists’ interpretations of movie posters from throughout cinema history.

This heartfelt homage goes out to all those who influenced and shaped our own understanding of the art world, a great inspiration for the direction our own careers have taken, inspired and educated in art techniques by the likes of 2000AD and Warrior, with masters of the genre like Bill Sienkiewicz and Kevin O’Neil. With this show we saluted the importance of these artists and their work: the graphic artists and movie makers that continue to inspire and entertain us. To accompany this show we produced Blue a limited edition comic and launched Lucas and Cater’s Father Cotton Chronicles.

Project Title
For The Love Of…

Orbital comic store, London WC1

Graham Carrick and Lucieta Williams for Fitzrovia Noir

Manuel Sanmartin

Associated Gallery
Jealous North print studio

Adrian Parkes
Ansii Sojakka
Carl Simpson
David Gibbons
Ellie Howitt
Gary Carter
Graham Carrick
Hayley Ash
Ian Lucas
Lucieta Williams
Manuel Sanmartin
Marcus Cope
Matthew Rich
Paul Robinson
Peter Wilson
Russell Clark
Stephanie Moran

Collage, ephemera, found items, illustration, paint, photography, text

April 2010

“Great exhibition ! So much so, I bought The Last Laugh and The Thing.”

Steve Wong, Collector

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