A series of four reciprocal exhibitions showing artists resident at the time in either London and Luxembourg, beginning at Beim Engel, originally built as a meeting house for a secret society, moving to Luxembourg House in Belgravia, to a Themes-side wharf and full circle back to the city of Luxembourg. Supported by One More Tattoo, Luxembourg Department of Culture, Luxembourg House London, Hotel Parc Beaux Arts and Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust.

An idea by Marion Thill, founder of tattoo and piercing studio One More Tattoo, to link up London and Luxemboug, this project became subject of an Artbox documentary by RTL television. Luxembourg’s new Ambassador having only just arrived for his London role, inherited the hosting of Now Is Forever from his predecessor, with some trepidation, after we decorated the hallowed halls of the embassy with images of inked skin and Eun-sen Sin’s Temporary Tattoo Machine, a Photo Booth using digital projection.With strong interest from his young family, the Ambassador joined other participants in selecting a temporary tattoo, superimposed on a portrait from Eun-Sen’s steampunk style image generator. 

Project Title
NOW IS FOREVER from the series Cross Border

Galerie Konschthaus Beim Engel, Luxembourg City
Embassy of Government of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, London
The Electricians Shop, Trinity Buoy Wharf, Poplar, London

Project Leads
Marion Thill for Now Is Forever Luxembourg
Garry Hunter for Fitzrovia Noir CIC London

Dan Vinkowski


Alvaro Haro (Argentina)
Andy Lama (Luxembourg)
Anna Katina (Luxembourg)
Daisuke Sakaguchi (Japan)
Donk (UK)
Doralba Picerno (Italy)
Eun-sen Sin (Korea)
George Heartwork (Luxembourg)
Inés Ayala (Spain)
Luis Orellana (Germany)

Miguel Ameliach (Venezuela)
Mik Muelen (Luxembourg)
Omniscient Being (Luxembourg)
Richard Sorensen (Denmark)
Rikki-Jean (New Zealand)
Scott Irwin (USA)
Scott Lukacs (USA)
Simone Al-Rana (Italy)
Solar (Luxembourg)
Yliana Paolini (Venezuela)

Assemblage, drawing, found objects, painting, photography, pressed metal, print, sonic


“I was so impressed with Mik Muelen’s intricate drawings of sea creatures with tattoos, that I bought a set of four.”

Nick Jones, attendee of Luxembourg House Vernissage

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