Fitzrovia Noir at the Bell

The Panel Project
With new installations by Artista, CizeOne, Donk, Jimmy C and Savant on the New Goulston Street facade

Thursday 5th June 2014 from 6pm - 9pm

Upstairs at The Bell,
50 Middlesex Street,
London E1

Sale of artworks by contributing artists to the Panel Project and book signing by artists & curators from Fitzrovia Noir CIC



Community arts group Fitzrovia Noir have unveiled the first stage of an urban artinstallation on the panels along 
The Bell's New Goulston Street façade. This ongoing installation is curated by Garry Hunter, authorof the just
published 'Urban Art : The World as a Canvas' and 2012's 'Street Art From The World', the cover of which features
the rat painted by ROA on The Bell's side wall. These books are available signed from The Bell

The initial theme of Heroes and Villains features an interpretation of the infamous David Bailey portrait of the
Kray Twins, where Savant has picked out their mother's name in violet paint ; an abstracted Spiderman v Venom fresco
by 616 ; DON's mirrored portrait of Churchill, hobbyist bricklayer and stoic leader, facing The Black Dog as his pet
poodles ; a smörgåsbord of Heroes and Villains by Gee ; Muppet drummer Animal reinvented as the Ripper ; Harry Urgent's
'negative' imagery of weapons of war ; iCON's timely juxtaposition of Dirty Prince Harry and fine artist Graham Carrick's
'Dear Boss' taking it's title from taunting letters sent to police investigating the Whitechapel murders.

The Goulston Street graffito was a chalked cipher left at the scene of one of the Ripper's murders, but removed by police
before the Press arrived. This gives a historical link to these contemporary panels, presented much like 'salon' style
exhibitions, popular until 1890 and the advent of the first Secessionists, who worked outside of established institutions.
London's Royal Academy still hangs its Summer Exhibition salon style, a densely packed hang on a dark background.,272,RAMA.html

Fitzrovia Noir CIC was formed in 2008, initially to creatively document the Middlesex Hospital as it was being demolished.
The site had included a brothel during Victorian times, that was popular with Prince Eddie, whom some associate with the
Ripper cases. Legend has it he impregnated a girl who worked at the cigar shop opposite and her friends who attempted
blackmailing the Royal Household, were among the victims murdered near their homes in Whitechapel.