GARDEN ART part of the London Festival of Architecture Sat 19th June 11am-4pm at Gallery in the Garden via entrance block of 24-35 Furnival Mansions,Fitzrovia, City of Westminster, London W1T 3PL

This event is supported by The Fitzrovia Partnership, with special thanks to Eve Chung at the HOK architectural practice

As part of the launch day Open Studios of the London Festival of Architecture biennale, Fitzrovia Noir present an installation of selected artworks at Furnival Mansions, the home of artist_curator Garry Hunter for the last decade. This block was built by the Quakers in 1905 as low cost social housing for workers in West End theatres and contains some original internal features. Number 24 was site of a former public house, visible on the 1870 map section of the attached image Skirting which shows a snapshot of former residents and evidence of the 1980s wall coverings, discovered when the flat was being refurbished in 1999.

This site was formerly Wells Buildings, a cut-through to the then Union Mews     ( now Bourlet Close ) evidence of which can be seen on the white wall under the atrium of the studio adjacent building with two classical figures perched above. To the north is the site of the Independent Television News building in the 1980s, now the residential West One House. An 18th Century colour-coded map of danger areas showed this location, then known as the Rebecca Buildings as a dark purple, only one level below the most crime-ridden spot of Seven Dials; further down Wells Street is Rob's Twisted Leather Gear which two hundred years ago was The Tiger public house, a renowned place to find an assassin.

Our installation event is designed to raise awareness of art practices in Fitzrovia, linking in with a route including some of Fitzrovia's commercial art galleries and promoting our aims to establish the Intervention art trail, which we hope will take place every second year, starting in Spring 2011. The idea is to exhibit art works in non-gallery locations throughout Fitzrovia, leading a trail that starts in Charlotte Street and circumnavigates the former Middlesex Hospital site, focus of Fitzrovia Noir's inaugural site-response project Memory and Demolition.

Work by Garry Hunter and Michael Mayhew at Garden Art photography by Lee Jones

Work by Michael Mayhew at Garden Art photography by Lee Jones


Fitzrovia Noir's residency at Reynolds, 53 Charlotte Street, has an architectural show Wash running throughout the London Festival of Architecture, a selection of vintage hand-coloured prints by Helena Zakrzewska-Rucinska that is open for viewing from 8am to 6pm on weekdays. Hand-colouring involves a slow, labour-intensive process of masking areas of a black and white 'bromide' photographic print to 'wash' over individual coloured inks, achieving the overall effect through a build-up of pastel shades. Helena produces her work for exhibition and has undertaken many commissions from major record companies, book publishers and advertising agencies.


The paintings of Paul Robinson @  Qube, 90 Whitfield Street, London W1T 4EZ  19th June 11am to 4pm

Paul Robinson's paintings feature three key elements, trees, repetitive patterns and representations of decaying painted surfaces. The paintings are precariously near to disassembling, as the amalgamations of his ambivalent recollections are disparate and fragmented. Yet an instinctive process of non-sequential layering combines these disjointed and seemingly disconnected elements seamlessly together.